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“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963
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The Southeast Regional Coalition for University-Assisted Community Schools (SRCUACS) is a collaborative of colleges and universities that are dedicated to promoting the development and sustainability of University-Assisted Community Schools throughout the Southeast United States.

What are Community Schools?

Full-service community schools champion both students and guardians by tackling issues such as hunger, health care deficiencies, and housing instability. While their primary focus is student success, the ripple effect benefits families and the entire community, paving the way for more resilient and thriving environments. This holistic approach solidifies the school's role as a cornerstone for community betterment.

At their peak potential, full-service community schools and their students stand as invaluable assets for the broader community. These schools evolve into central hubs for community resources, with students emerging as dynamic leaders, reshaping the local communities and systems. Actively involved in crafting and executing community school programs, students' community engagement concurrently enhances their own educational experiences.

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What are University-Assisted Community Schools?

A University-Assisted Community School (UACS) is a community school in which universities serve as the lead partner in providing broadly based, sustained support. Academic partnerships connect the university’s and school’s curricula through a common focus on helping to solve local community-identified problems. This approach is designed to simultaneously improve community wellbeing and advances research, teaching, learning, and service.

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