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Our Mission

The North Carolina Community School Coalition (NCCSC) aims to improve the academic, mental, and physical health of North Carolina students through the development of full-service community schools across the state. NCCSC will support communities across three regions in North Carolina to implement a dynamic full-service community schools (FSCS) four pillar model to include:

FSCS affirm the assets of students and guardians while directly addressing hunger, housing instability, lack of physical and mental health care, and other factors impacting children’s ability to thrive in school. When working at their highest potential, full-service community schools and their students are seen as valued resources for communities as a whole, with schools serving as hubs of community resources, and students as leaders positioned to influence the systems around them.

Implementation Partners

The Rural Education Institute at East Carolina University, Student U, and the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe Counties will act as regional implementation partners for strategic expansion across the state. Regional implementation partners will work with each district and the leadership team of each full-service community school to integrate the following strategies:

Governance Structure

Foundational to the success of the NCCSC is a carefully considered governance structure—rooted in School Advisory Boards at the individual school level, aided by Councils for each region, and bolstered by a State Steering Committee. NCCSC will prioritize the insight of the communities it serves through every stage of the project and provide the infrastructure for seamless coordination at the local, regional, and state levels.

Our Members


SRCUACS, in collaboration with all NCCSC partners, secured U.S. Department of Education funding to support improving academic, mental health, and physical health outcomes for children across North Carolina.